About FOE Aerie 32

Aerie Officers

Worthy President - Jason Duffin
Jr. Past Worthy President - Chris Mulkey
Worthy Vice President - Jared Byxbe
Worthy Chaplain - Rev. Paul Armstrong
Worthy Conductor -John Nelson
Secretary - Scott Johnson
Treasurer - Tom Ehlert
Inside Guard - Paul Kilzer
Trustee - Tim Raymond
Trustee - Cory Baines,
Trustee - Alan Hall
Trustee - Roger Ingersoll
Trustee - Chris Mulkeyl
Aerie Father - Tim Raymond
Aerie Grandfather - Larry Steele

Club Manager - Jon Peragine

Auxiliary Officers

Madam President - Kim Williams
Jr. Past Madam President - Shirley Johnson
Vice President - Lisa Hall
Chaplain - Carrie Beer-Ainsworth
Secretary - Jennifer Johnson
Treasurer - Kelly Batchelder
Inside Guard - Amy Sanders
Conductor - Ellen Buchman
Trustee - LeAnn Oeleis
Trustee - DJ Blanchard
Trustee - Theresa Clark
Auxiliary Mother - Wanda Ehlert
Auxiliary Grandmother- Kelly Batchelder

State Officers

Jr. Past Madam President - Jennifer Johnson
Inside Guard - Theresa Clark
Treasurer -Shirley Johnson
Trustee - Wanda Ehlert
Mountain Regional President - Wanda Ehlert

Missoula FOE #32 began in 1899 in a building on Pine Street, right across the street from the present Missoula County Court House. In the late 1940's, the city of Missoula wanted to build a new fire station. The city bought the building, which was torn down and built a new city fire hall. Part of the transaction was giving the Eagles Lodge about 25 plots in the city cemetery. Missoula #32 then moved to the Main Street Location. The first Aerie President was Frank Peck. The first Auxiliary Junior Past Madam President was Lizzie Hecklen, and the first Madam President was Minnie Wright (1927-29)

Around 1955 the Main Street building burned down, when Bill Hughes was the Aerie President. The two-story building was rebuilt, but because of some "ups and downs", the Lodge had to resort to renting a portion of the building to the Townhouse Cafe.

After a highly successful next few years, in 1972 Missoula #32 built a new, large building on Central Avenue, which included a large, circular, shaped Lodge connected to the Missoula Manor (an independent living six-story apartment building for people 62 years and older). After about 6 years, due to financial problems, the club had to sell the "Carousel" portion of the building but retained the Missoula Manor. The next move was in February 1979 to a small house on the west side of town on Defoe Street.

Missoula #32 then moved downstairs of the Double Front Restaurant from 1980 to 1983 before moving to the present site on South Avenue. Originally, the Lodge was housed in the first section (west end) of the building. Expansion into the second section came in 1983. In 1987 the whole building was purchased with Howard's Pizza leasing space. In 1988 Keno and Poker machines were purchased. In 1996 the Lodge took over the last section of the building, which is now our kitchen and meeting rooms. In 2000 the final payment was made on the building and a celebration was held to shred the mortgage. We decided to shred the mortgage because of the wild fires of 2000.

Missoula Auxiliary was instituted on July 22, 1927. Missoula was the second auxiliary in the state (Great Falls was instituted just two days earlier).