In June of 1969 a group of FOE #32 members decided to launch their biggest community project ever. They knew that there were many older people in Missoula who couldn't keep up their homes and yards or who could not drive anymore and therefore often went without food. They decided to partner with the federal government and sponsor a nonprofit retirement home. While the government assisted with a low interest loan, it was up to the members of the Eagles to secure the land, file the paperwork, hire a contractor and oversee the building. In June 1972 after donating hours of volunteer time, the dream of those early visionaries became a reality and Missoula Manor Homes opened its doors to the first residents.

Missoula Manor Homes provides independent living for persons 62 and older. The apartments offered are studio and one-bedroom. Rent is based on income and is very affordable. Included in the rent are utilities, weekly housekeeping, and activities. A full service dining room offers three meals per day. Residents may choose whether to take one, two, or three meals per day. Choices are offered at each meal and special diets are offered.

Over the last thirty years, the members of FOE #32 and Auxiliary have stayed actively involved with Missoula Manor Homes. Eagle members have served on the volunteer board, participating in policy development and planning. Members of the Eagles have provided entertainment for the monthly birthday party. Through fund raising and volunteer help, the Eagles have assisted with added amenities, such as a covered bus stop, a $110,000 addition to the dining room, peep holes in the resident doors, landscaping and a fountain for the gardens, several hundred large print books, new thermostats for the apartments, and over $10,000 to the Missoula Manor Assistance Endowment.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles #32 is proud of this service project. Through their commitment, an inviting home has been created for 150 older persons.

For more information, call 728-3210 or write to Missoula Manor Homes, 909 W. Central Avenue, Missoula, MT 59801 Email


The Missoula Manor Homes Assistance Endowment was established in 1996 by the Missoula Manor Homes Board of Directors. The Endowment was established to ensure that the life work of Missoula Manor Homes continues by making funds available for elderly persons who have limited resources. Through donations made to this Endowment, we will be able to expand the scope of services offered to residents, prepare for the future and continue to offer any needy resident affordable housing and nutritional meals.

The Endowment is committed to funding projects in the following areas:
1. Assistance to individuals with paying for meals and/or rent;
2. Educational activities for elderly persons and their families;
3. Establishing support services for elderly persons.

Contributions to the Missoula Manor Homes Assistance Endowment are tax deductible and provide special tax benefits in the State of Montana. We suggest that you consult your tax advisor regarding these benefits.

Donations to the Endowment are a wonderful way to remember a loved one or honor a special person in your life. Contributions can be made directly to the Missoula Manor Homes Assistance Endowment, 909 W. Central Avenue, Missoula, MT 59801. Your gift will make a great difference in the lives of people who worked hard all of their lives to make things better for us all.


National Officers from Missoula #32:

Shirley Johnson, Grand Madam President (1991-92)

Past State Auxiliary Presidents from Missoula #32:

1949-50 Minnie Price
1963-64 Edna LePiane
1982-83 Shirley Johnson
1997-98 Alice Raymond
2002-03 Kelly Dunham
2007-08 Wanda Ehlert
2011-12 Jan Wooley